Aug 10, 2019

Rocko's Modern Life... 20 years later...

Saw the Netflix special... and here's my verdict:

Rocko's Modern Life SHOULD STAY IN THE 90s...
No, the special did not suck, in fact, it was awesome and Close to my memories of the show.
But, in this current climate, the show could be considered "offensive" by some tail end Millenials and Gen Z folks.

The only thing they would praise from this special is how Ralph Bighead, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bighead transitioned to Rachel Bighead and pretty much everyone was OK with it. Also, it tied in to the idea of accepting Change vs. not letting go of the past. But, in this current climate, the show would suffer. Even the special had to tone down Mrs. Bighead's predatory behavior towards Rocko.

The special was a nice send off to the people of O-Town and better to go in a high note than become a shell of the shell of your former self... not going to name any shows...

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