Aug 23, 2019

The Spider-Man problem and MOTU...

I have to make a connection between the Sony debacle and the Mattel debacle.
Right now Sony and Marvel are debating on how to use Spider-Man and negotiations are going bad...

Mattel is on a similar spot with MOTU (and POP).
In the 90s, after the comic book bubble crashed, Marvel had to sell film rights to various franchises to stay alive.
Sony bought Spider-Man Ghost Rider Daredevil, while 20th Century Fox got X-Men and Fantastic Four,  as Universal got Hulk. Now Disney is trying to get their ducks in a row and SONY ain't budging. They want Marvel to do all the work while SONY reaps all the benefits.

Well, Mattel lost a lot of money after getting scammed by Golan-Globus. They sold their cartoon rights to He-Man and She-Ra. Filmation wasn't doing well either and whwn the company went under, the Series library passed through many hands until NBC Universal got a hold of them.

Since the late 90s Mattel has had a couple of chances to snag the cartoon rights back but didn't... Whether they didn't actively pursue them, or did, but didn't want the entire Filmation library is what I don't know. The point is that now He-Man and She-Ra are making a comeback AND if the MOTU movie ends up being a success,  then NBCUNIVERSAL will not want to relinquish their rights unless they get a shit ton of money. And despite the show being a giant turd, Shit-Reee has done OK without He-Man.
No matter how we slice it, MOTU fans lose. Kinda like Spidey fans and Sony's tradition of ruining Spider-Man 3...

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