Aug 23, 2019

Marvel Legends jeeps knocking it out of the park, eh?

What's this all aboot making Canadian Stereotypes the beginning of a rant, bub?
What's the biggest thing in Marvel's Canada?
That is NOT 5'3" AND STABBY!!
Alpha Flight! With the Wendigo wave Guardian and the Sasquatch BAF, this box set conoletes the Most popular members of the Maple Syrup Avengers... Also, the gayest Superhero this side of Teen Jean brainwashing all the Bobby Drakes into being gay. 

Finally after all these years we're getting Northstar! There's still hope for Firestar! (And the Bombastic Bagman)

 This set is already available for pre-order it's an Amazon exclusive. $110 for five figures and a mini build a figure.
It's a steal especially since Puck is expensive as hell in the secondary market.
It'll ship in December.

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