Aug 6, 2019

We may have confirmation on the "Death of MOTUC" at least for Super7...

We kinda expected this development. Also, the death of the faux vintage He-Man line was to be expected the moment Mattel revealed the Oranges line. B-Flynn was a bit evasive in that area, when asked about it.

Now according to the faux vintage line is dead. Classics on the other hand is going to go on a coma.

 Basically that means. Snake Mountain will be the final Classics item will see... there will not be any Filmation ram-man, Filmation Orko to complete the core characters... I kinda warned people about the scope of the Filmation line a while back, but they didn't listen...

Mattel is going to dry up the well on Masters of the Universe stuff aside Mega Bloks and the oranges line to create an artificial scarcity of Masters of the Universe products for the movie. Then they'll sweep in with the movie product with the basic crappy toys for kids and maybe a limited online edition of the movie characters in Classics and then no more classics.

Mattel is simply focusing on kids toys because they hate the adult collectors. This hatred stems simply from the fact that adult collectors demand quality product and they don't want quarter assed stuff. I understand that Mattel is in Dire Straits right now and that they can't afford to have picky customers. At the same time they're putting all their eggs in one basket and by that basket I mean the possibly crappy 2021 movie.

 but Mattel's got to Mattel...

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