Aug 3, 2019

For the dishonor of Grayskull part 3: I can't believe it (language)

It took 21 episodes for the show to become a fucking good.
 Yes, you're reading correctly! I actually praised this reboot... What changed? The writing is the same, the cast is the same...  oh but don't worry I will tell you!

No filler episodes. Well the Huntara and Once upon a time in the Waste episodes had scenes that were borderline filler... unlike previous "seasons" the filler scenes felt necessary here. The similarity and differences from Adora and Catra's Journey Through the Crimson waste, while repetitive, it helped sell the contrast between Catra and Adora. I would've cut some Possible Pedo-Scorpia scenes.

 The stakes were actually High:
Hordak had he's interdimensional gate almost ready. The Rebellion discovered why they had to stop or that from opening that gate. Basically the clock is ticking and the end of the world is coming. This is no longer about the owtty rivalry between Catra and Adora.

 The silliness was kept to a minimum. They still had some stupid scenes about characters bickering, but they were far less then in previous episodes.

Actual character development:
 we got some great development for characters like Adora, Catra, Queen Angela, Shadow Weaver but most importantly Hordak got some character development!!
Well I'm not a huge fan of the c-word, Hordak being Horde Prime's c-word makes a Lot of sense. No the c-word is not what you're thinking it's clone...
It's funny the guy who keeps begging for Marvel Legends of multiple spider clones is complaining about clones.
Yes hordak is an imperfect clone of horde Prime who suffering from clone degeneration and is trying to prove his Worth to horde Prime.  and the fact that I don't like is that hordak is developing some sort of attachment to entrapta.

Agendas were kept to a minimum:
Sure, Huntara making Adora moist just by existing and the whole Possibly Pedo Scorpia/Catra thing are the closest thing to "Tumblrtard agenda".  And none of the "Original sucks!" Barbs thrown in.

And this pisses me off to no end...
I know, you're thinking: "What in the actual hell!? They're doing exactly what you wanted them to do and you still complain!?"
Yes! Because this is how the show should have been since the beginning! They wasted more than three-quarters of the season with garbage in order to get to the good part!

Usually most shows gain traction by the 3rd to 6th episode... This show literally began to gain Traction in the 21st episode... That's beyond fucked up! It pisses me off that there are some good ideas here but they're being developed by mediocre people who don't care about the source material.

Also, they Mysterious Mara is a New Adventures of He-Man Mara lookalike...

With Angela dead and horde Prime coming I wonder what they'll do for the true season 2... still fuk the show with a rusty spork!

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