Aug 11, 2019

D-d-d-d-d-d-d-d Dora!

I still can't believe that I watched the Dora movie and enjoyed it a lot. I mean I'm going to buy this on Blu-ray at the moment it comes out kind of enjoyment.
The cinema I went to only have two rooms one was Hobbs and Shaw and the other was Dora. I couldn't stop giggling at myself while I ordered my Dora ticket.  weirdest thing was that there were like three children in total the rest was full of adults watching Dora the Explorer.  it was a really weird experience. Una experiencia bien extra├▒a!

But the movie was a pretty enjoyable experience. It has some really cringey moments due to that whole Fish Out of Water Dora in high school thing... they did poke fun at the original a few times somewhere good-natured others where your mockery of the original.

I'm trying to give them at least amount of spoilers because I want you to go see Dora and enjoy it.

I enjoyed the movie so much that have the time I was thinking you know they could make a really cool Uncharted / new Tomb Raider Dora game based on the movie and I would buy the hell out of it!

Cousin Diego es una ducha... a douche!

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