Aug 20, 2019

He-Man: The Anime: the wishlist/rant

Wow... I still can't believe that it's been 10 years since this blog started. I've even become persona non grata at Mattel if I'm to believe a certain spiritual guide of playthings. I even had to tell a couple of Tumbrkin defenders of Noelle Stevenson's pop cultural appropriations of She-Ra to buzz-off with their BS... hell, one of them took my Tyrone nickname for faux Bow and is using it as their username...
I have TROLLS!! I must be doing a good thing then. So, speaking of trolls, let's talk Revelations or as I like to call it, the Patriarchy dickslapping Noelle Stevenson's pop cultural appropriations of She-Ra in the face.
I understand that this descriptor is way too (porno)graphic. But it makes sense... In theory, Mattel has taken with He-Man all the precautions to make this right:
-The Showrunner Grew up with the original cartoon, not to mention his background on Superheroes (movies, tv, and comics), and a filmmaker as well.
-Right out of the bat you see reverence for the source material.
-This is a series made FOR FANS of the property.
-a continuation of what came before.

 So right out of the bat they are to a way better start than She-Ra or ThunderCats.
There is a chance that it could be bad, but with the little info we have, things are looking good.

 now after that long introduction let's get to the point of this rant.  thanks I want to see and that He-man anime:

The Jojo pic is a reference of an anime with a "Westernized" artstyle. And that Jojo has a MOTU-esque physique. This leads to my first point:
- the main sources of inspiration for the character designs should be the vintage toy and filmation.
 for example He-Man:
Take the Filmation He-Man as a template, but add certain toy elements to his design. (Straps on the boots, bezels on his belt and bracers)
Like that He-Man there.
Characters like Beast Man or Stratos need to have furry bodies but their outfits looking as close as to the filmation designs as possible.
If a character wasn't in the Filmation cartoon well they should filmation-ize them first then add the toy details to fit the same style of the new series.
That way we avoid the horrid costumes from Noelle Stevenson's pop cultural appropriations of She-Ra.
(Yes, Autocorrect already knows what to fill in, whenever I type Noelle)

- filmation should be the main reference for backgrounds.
De Royal pies must be red pinkish in color have similar structures and the forests must look alien. I don't want Earth forests in the cartoon

-Music should be inspired by the original, or an arrangement of the original themes... even if the original score can be used.

-Battle Armor, Thunder punch, flying fists, terror claws, and dragon blaster versions of He-Man and Skeletor respectively should appear.

-an Eternian version of Jay and Silent Bob in the background of a scene.

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