Aug 7, 2019

Super7 + Thundercats... What could possibly go wrong?

They dropped this on Twitter.
 So we have to wait until the 12 to see what do they mean with this cryptic message.
They should have sat with Super 7 this could mean anything:
- It could be a continuation of the Mattel 7-inch Classics figures.
- it could be the stupid fake Kenner ReAction line.
- it could be Japanese vinyl figures.
- it could be MUSCLE styled figures.
- it could be some hipster crap like a Panthro Chia Pet or Cat's Lair litter box cover.

There's a part of me that doesn't want them to be the classics figures because I'm afraid of what could go wrong with them. Especially the female figures namely Cheetara.
At the same time I just want to get the remaining Thundercats Mumm-Ra the ever-living and the last few main mutants and call it a day. No Lunattaks, no Hachiman, hell not even Mongor!!
Though I wouldn't be opposed to a side of the main Thundercats naked as seen in the first episode.

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