Aug 31, 2019

It came from the Toy Chest: T'Challa's Ex screams at Nature

Arctic Winds! Hakuna her tatas!

The cringiest Halle Berry line ever.
Sadly I couldn't find any clips of the Animated Series storm yelling at nature.
But storm is a mutant who can control the weather considered a goddess in Africa and was all  "Wakanda for a little while" .
Did I mention she's one of the more popular X-Men?
TBStorm: Oh No! I'm getting replaced!
Mohawk Storm: At least he DISPLAYED YOU!
He bought me for the BAF!!
While I love the vintage style packaging I hate to open it because it's not collector friendly. It gave me a nostalgic science back when KB was still around and the toy Biz Marvel figures were like three for ten bucks.  not to mention playing with our Marvel action figures at my friend Johnny's house when we were allegedly" too old to be playing with action figures".  those were simpler times and this figure's packaging reminds me of that time. Now I want some Dunkaroos, Amazin Fruit gummy bears and a tall glass of ice cold Crystal Pepsi. And  no Johnny I will not listen to Mariah Carey.

 Incredibly enough the Cape is not as problematic as I thought.  it looks very retro and very crappy,  but it's not the biggest issue with the articulation. Her shoulder pads are the issue. If you are too wild with her for sing you can accidentally pop her shoulder pads off and her cape will fall off as well.
Other than that she's got standard female Marvel Legends articulation.


Paint and sculpt:
Her proportions are far better than the toybiz Storm. I only wish her Cape was similar to the ToyBiz figure.
While are articulation is better hidden by the sculpt I kind of like the sculpt on the toy Biz figure better. This is making it a bit too hard to judge Storm on her own merits.
I mean her sculpt is pretty good and pretty clean but it lacks something I can't quite describe it in words.

Same two lightning bolts we've seen a million times. Good thing I bought that extra toy biz Storm from eBay. I can use the stand it came with for her and with the lightning... Oh myyy!
4.0  Again she needed a little oomph! but we didn't get it
Taste my lightning, @#$%ers!!

4.0 is her final score.  it feels like she has adequate but not great. But here's the thing: Cyclops, Wolverine, Rogue, Storm,  Beast, Gambit, Jubilee, Jean Grey, and Professor X...
If you're not hearing the song in your head, you suck!
The only toy this thing in my display is BEAST's head.
Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun wood wood wood wood wood wood nana nana nana nana...
Man making the theme in onomatopeia mode sucks ass!

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