Aug 25, 2019

He-Man bad. Shit-Reee good...

After the announcement of the Silent Bob MOTU anime, the defenders of Noelle Stevenson's pop cultural appropriations of She-Ra have begun attacking the Silent Bob MOTU anime. CBR's Timothy Donohoo has just shown how much of an idiot he is with this "article".

The article is a fluff piece trying to defend Shit-Reee and the princesses of powder (crushed adderall)

The first point is praising the CalArts inspired art style for the show. Seriously, How mentally challenged do you have to be to say that a soft style ill suited for action and adventure is a positive. Where character designs are androgynous and the only way to identify their sex is by cliched gender signifiers... except boobs, those come and go within seconds. Nearly everyone does CalArts... or CalArts-like. It's a VERY RARE thing to see characters with realistic proportions in action and adventure shows.

The second point is "muh diversity". The idiot literally says that changing character races for inclusivity is a positive...
That making Bow black and son of two dads is a good thing... Meanwhile Nettossa is unused, and reserved as a background prop and at best used as a joke.
Nettossa is the original Black Lesbian coded character.
He then praises that Hordak and Catra got "character development" in Shit-Reee but not in She-Ra.
Two things:
-syndicated series back then required that episodes could be shown in any order, so most episodes had to be self-contained.
-Catra's "development" is literally Jilted psycho ex-girlfriend. Hordak is evil because "he has no fwiends" and he's a defective Clone of Horde Prime.

So basically, the "amazing character development" is literally stating the same thing as Filmation...
Catra is jealous of Adora's rise to power in the Horde, which she discards to rise in power within the Rebels.
Hordak is treated like crap by Horde Prime and wants to step out of his Brother's shadow.

Then Captain numbnuts praises Shit-Reee fpr taking a dump on the mythology and do their thing without being respectful to the lore.

What made me laugh like a madman was attacking New Adventures of He-Man while using 200X imagery, which literally did most of the crap he's praising... while using late 90s stylized art.  He then mentions 200X and blames the show's cancellation on it sucking and not Mattel's incompetence with toy distribution or Cartoon Network switching the show through multiple timeslots. Sometimes with no notice. (How can you watch a show is you don't know WHEN it's on)

Wait, it gets even better

"Fans will want to know that the people behind the scenes actually respect the source material, lest the result be something akin to that of the much-maligned Thundercats Roar!"
Thundercats roar does the very same things you praise on Shit-Reee... Also, Noelle Stevenson "creator of Shit-Reee" and voice of "Morbidly Obeserella" and Marcus Scrubber, voice of "Bow" have shown massive disrespect for the original and tools like you praise this shit show.

But seriously, all we have about this new He-Man series is:
Sequel to the original
Character development, especially Teela
People who grew with the original and have some deal of respect to it are working on it.

There isn't enough material there to crap on the show... unless... it's showcasing Noelle Stevenson's pop cultural appropriations of She-Ra's shortcomings...

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  1. As far as my "praise" of the CalArts, Lumberjanes looking She-Ra, sometimes you just gotta write what the article prompt says....