Aug 30, 2019

MOTUC Amazon Exclusive crazy idea:

I KNOW Mattel says that MOTUC is going to remain dormant for a "little while"... meaning

But it doesn't have to be. We have seen how Hasbro  released Marvel Legends that are exclusive to Amazon like the Jim Lee Magneto with Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver or  the Alpha Flight pack.

So, why not release a couple of  two packs Via Amazon to "keep the adult collectible line alive".

For example: Battleground Fisto vs Battleground Beastman. This gives people a second chance to get a variation of hard-to-get Classics figures.

Theoretically speaking Fisto would require zero new tooling since The Fisto figure has all the pieces to make a 200X Fisto. All we'd need is the long loincloth and Icer boots. Beastman on the other hand would require new Shins and maybe a new whip.

Or maybe the two packs could be an old figure variant and that new figure like say:
Galactic protector  Snout Spout versus Butt-head.

I have mentioned in my previous rent how to make a butthead figure using as many parts as possible.

GP Snout Spout can reuse a couple of "Mech parts" (Blast attack arms, extendar thighs, NA Skeletor boots, the 200X head and normal Snout Spout armor and ax on the Hordak Torso.)

But Logistics and Mattel shenanigans are what won't let this happen.

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