Aug 12, 2019

Super7's on the move! Super7's loose!

Not ReAction or Hipster crud! Super7's loose!
Super 7 has a Thundercats license and will we do Mattel's Thundercats Classics line.
They are releasing "Ultimates" of Lion-O, Panthro, Jackalman, and weakened Mumm-Ra.
They will be $45. The infamous China tariffs may be part of the blame for the price increase. The other part might be WB's license. (The Thundercats were a bit more expensive in Mattycollector as well). Then we have the accessories:
Each figure will have MORE NEW accessories than their Mattel versions. Hands, heads, weapons... but let's look at the figures and I'll rant about each one, shall we?
Lion-O  comes with four extra hands, 2 of each vs the Mattel one who came with a spare left hand. (You have to remove the left hand for using the claw shield.)
 speaking of claw Shield he comes with two extra shields. These are smooth and have a metallic glossy finish that could show a Mummy's reflection.
He also comes with an extra head and the Book of Omens.

I'm 90% sure that I will attempt to get this guy even if I own the Mattel made one.

In a way Mumm-Ra is the weakest of the four. The Urn and the Book of Omens are the biggest factor to tempt me with one. The Cloth cape is a turn off for me. (He has a second plastic cape) 45% of me getting one.

Jackalman is tempting me. I kinda want to get 2 of him. IF S7 doesn't glue the Jackalman armor, because I could turn them into generic Jackalmen and steal the guns from ine for the palace guards. (And the pauldron for Nefty-kun)
85% of me getting one. 51% for 2.
Extra head is very welcome.

Panthro like all the others has more stuff than his mouth L version but who am I kidding I am getting Panthro no matter what... but still no blasted samoflange.

People are complaining that the first Thundercats reveal is a bunch of re-releases. To be fair they have to do this because it doesn't make sense to release a Thundercats line  without Lion-O... or Panthro.  I'm guessing that around December or early 2020 we are going to see the official new wave of ThunderCats...

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