Aug 5, 2019

Strangefate figure bodies Custom Lt. Andra

I can't truly call it an it came from the Toy Chest, since this is a customized body kit made with random Strangefate figure body parts.

My sculpting and painting skills suck ass. So, I can't make custom figures, but the body kits from Strangefate helped me make something passable. I simply added some hairy bits.

As an idiot I forgot to take the before pictures so I'm just going to post it up my 3 or 4 after pictures. You can search for Strangefate shapeways shop to find the kits. I want to get a skeleton... or 2.

All you need is paints, sealer, a bit of sandpaper, the model kit clippers, additional sculpting material if you want to go further beyond what the body kits give you.
They're pretty easy to assemble. Even I could do it and Strangefate has some instructions on his shop.

I purposely avoided face close-ups because of my inferior painting skills. (They don't do justice to the cool sculpt)
And as you can see, she can blend in rather well with MOTUC. Or even stand out if you have superior paint skills.

Strangefate also has a more basic nude body that you can sculpt over it and get a more accurate result if you wanted to make an Andra... or whomever.  I just picked and chose some some preset parts that gave her a kind of a Soul Calibur created soul version of Andra. To me she's a "Classicized 200X" version.

 A part of me wishes that Strangefate made male bodies as well.

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