Aug 10, 2019

It Came from The Toy Chest: Doppelganger

Ah, the only thing worse than a doppelganger is a clone or a culturally diverse/gender-bent knock off...
But Marvel's Doppelgangers were created by Adam Warlock's Magus persona. Only Spider-Man's survived. He even became a pet for Shriek in Maximum Carnage.
So here's how I would describe doppelganger Spider-Man in a nutshell Bizarro Spider-Man...
"He has extra arms, boot cut, but everything else lost a big deal. He cannot do ANY of the Spider poses I use to test if a Spidey figure is good:
Web Yoyo
Crouch pose
MVC stance
He fails them all. Why is that? Lack of torso articulation. I understand that the torso had to be sacrificed for the arms, BUT the vanilla posed torso cancels all the point of posability... I have a bad feeling that Doppelganger will be made reusing this torso. "

Is what I said with Six-armed Spider-Man...
All of these flaws are still present on the Doppelganger.  But, unlike with 6-arm Spidey, I can easily recreate most of the Poses I want with Doppelganger. (Barring some issies with the available hands)

Paint and sculpt:
Let's get my main complaint out of the way. The web sculpt on the new pieces do not match the body. The Torso the arms and the legs have the web lines engraved on the figure. The head the hands and the feet have raised web lines sculpted instead of engraved. That makes magic really grinds my gears and I'm talkin borderline OCD rage.

 Other than that he's really great. one tiny grape I have is that the colors are very dark but dull and flat.  part of me wants to get some metallic Bane's namely dark blue and maybe a combination of frost and the red to paint to repaint the entire figure to give it a more chitinous appearance.

N/A  since I bought them loose. Normally he would have come with a build a figure piece and that would be it. I kind of wish he had come with three extra hands so I could have a complete double ganger with 6 open arms or 6 punching hands.

 doppelganger gets a 4.5  as his final score. While I do have some tiny nitpicks they really don't detract from the figure. Toy Biz figure from the end of my childhood to early teen years you have been replaced!!

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