Aug 13, 2019

B-Flynn has plans for 16 Thundercats figures...

Don't believe me?
So we now have to fill in 16 slots to make a lineup:
 I do not know who is on B-Flynn's list,  it's time to speculate!!

 First let's get the super obvious picks out of the way:
01- Jaga
02- Grune
Since those two have already been sculpted by the horsemen and a half being shown around for years... ever since the Mattel Era.  the next three figures are really obvious choices to everyone once before the end of the line:
03- Mumm-Ra the Everliving
04- Cheetara
05- Tygra
Sure some people would like to see Slythe, Monkian, and Vultureman which are my next three characters on the list by the way, but they'd sacrifice them just to get the previous 3 (Mumm-Ra, Cheetara and Tygra):
06- Slythe
07- Monkian
08- Vultureman
The next two, while somewhat important, are skippable, unless you have a Mattel Pumyra:
09- Lynx-O
10- Bengali
We just filled 10 slots with CORE, CORE, CORE CHARACTERS. We are missing 6.
What Faction of the Thundercats has 6 members?
11- Alluro
12- Chilla
13- Tug Mug
14- Red-Eyr
15- Amok with Luna (single carding her would be outrageous)
Oh crap now we only have one spot left...

16- Snarf (with Ma-Mutt and maybe a Berbil)
You can't throw in Snarf on its own and expect people to pay $45... says the guy who paid over $80 for a Snarf resin display piece with some articulation.

 THERE you have it 16 Thundercats slots filled with the most important characters. While yes, it would be cool to have the Berserkers, the Warrior Maidens, and others like Safari joe, Hachiman, or Mongor... it's roughly  $800 worth of Thundercats merchandise... roughly $200 every 3 months. JUST to get the core folks. We got burnt with Bandai AND Mattel. Right now adult Thundercats fans just want to get the core teams  before the line ends.

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