Aug 10, 2019

Odds and ends Aug. 10 2019: Crom! Walmart is stupid!

The recent Massacre at a Walmart in El Paso has brought back the stupid claim that video games cause gun violence. This blatant lie was thrown by President Donald Trump recently. We've heard this song and dance for nearly 30 years:

Joe Lieberman in the 90s, Hillary Rodham Clinton in the 00s,and now Donald Trump is the newest idiotic politician who's blaming video games for gun crimes.

but I'm not here to talk about politicians kissing ass to donors. I'm here to make fun of Walmart and their recent idiotic Act:
Removing all displays about video games that may be violent: guns on the other hand all those those we're all fine and dandy.

Once again for the people in the back: video games do not cause gun violence.
Ease of access to guns by IRRESPONSIBLE  people who SHOULDN'T HAVE THEM in the first place does. I'm not putting the blame on responsible gun owners, let's make that clear.

The tone-deafness in this act is ludicrous.

Seems that's super 7 will send the servant of Crom in October...  they better not Bill me twice and shipping for him since I ordered him with a William Stout collection that comes in November.

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