Aug 30, 2019

Haslab Cookie Monster Failed, but Unicron has a chance.

The life size Cookie Monster failed. To be fair, many things were against it: the first being "Why?" and the other being Unicron... who has about a month to reach its goal... This was recently extended since it was to end up soon.

 Unicron is about $600 while Cookie Monster was about $300. Both campaigns were made at the same time. While the number of Transformers and Sesame Street fans might be pretty small it still is Hasbro competing Against Hasbro.
That's not mentioning all the new product that has been hitting the stores right now especially their limited edition 80th anniversary Marvel Legends figures. Don't get me started on Takara TOMY Masterpiece Transformers.

The lack of a payment plan didn't help Cookie Monster or Unicron. But I believe Unicron will make it with this extra month. In my opinion Hasbro  needs to space these haslab projects a bit better. Barely a month and asking $300 or $600 is a bit too much.

But seriously why in the hell Cookie Monster? I know he's an old-school favorite but still why? At least it's not a 600 life-size Bert and Ernie because we all know what everyone's going to do with them or to them...

In any case, if you want Unicron, go for him... and Snake Mountain is rumored to be delayed until June according to people who got it via Entertainment Earth... no official word from Super7 or if this delay is a CYA move by EE.

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