Aug 26, 2019

Sony yanked Spidey out of the MCU... It's time for a reboot

I know that reboot is a very nasty word, but hear me out. Right now, SONY needs to raze everything and start from scratch. Tom Holland is unfortunately tainted by the MCU and to keep going with his story as if everything else never happened is a moronic move.

Scratch the Venom, Morbius, and other dumbass live action Spider-Man relates movies without Spider-Man.
Tabula rasa and all that.

Back to basics:

A college aged Peter Parker who has been Spidey for a couple of years is a nice way to start. I would literally start the movie with narration similar to that of Tobey's in the original Spider-Man. You know the whole "who am I you sure what you want to know' speech with Peter standing at Uncle Ben's Grave. Peter would basically give us a recap of what he's been doing these last three years as he vents  with Uncle Ben. He tried to use his powers for personal gain, it backfired with great power and also must come a great responsibility and all that. With Spider-Man stopping normal crimes in New York, criminals are upping their game with some new technology. Basically it's a reference to shocker and The Thinker. Here Shocker wouldn't be a big player, mostly comedic relief.

Retreading some of the past:
Unfortunately Oscorp would have to be a big player in this universe. I would borrow from the insomniac games the idea that Octavius and Osborn created the company. While Norman was the face of the company, due to his better people skills than Otto,  Octavius oversaw the Technology branch. He did this in hopes of finding a cure for his degenerative disease through robotics. Hos colleagues include:
-Alistair Alphonso Smythe, the wunderkind son of the late Spencer Smythe, who died in an accident involving Spider-Man, J. Jonah Jameson, and an experimental drone that could track Spider-Man's unique genetic signature.
-Quentin Beck, Originally, a Stuntman/SFX coordinator on a Children's action program with a knack for robotics and hard light hologram tech, earned a spot on Otto's team for his lateral thinking and multiple applications for his tech.
-Phineas Mason, nicknamed the Tinkerer, is the team's main fabricator. Unbeknownst to Otto, Mason has been leaking Oscorp secrets to the black market and is the source of the new tech criminals are using... thanks to a Mysterious Benefactor.

Norman oversaw the Biomedical division. Key members of the division include:
-Michael Morbius: An Eastern European scientist whose work is one of the pillars of theoretical neogenic disease treatment. (Due to the shady ethical and moral implications of the process, so far it has remained in theoretical stages, legally speaking. This is one of Osborn's black projects) Morbius has a personal stake in the project due to him contracting a rare and deadly blood disease that already took the life of Emily Osborn, Norman's wife.
-Curtis Connors: A former war medic, who lost an arm in combat. His research on Herpetology and Neogenic disease treatment made him an asset to Oscorp. He moonlights as an Advanced Biology professor at ESU. (This allows Connors to do some work away from "Storming Norman".
-Farley Stillwell: The final pillar of the Neogenics project:
He built the first Neogenic recombinator with Drs: Morbius and Connors a few years ago. It was believed to be a failure by Norman, who fired Stillwell. What they didn't know is that it actually worked and it had accidentally altered a Spider, that bit Peter Parker.
Stillwell would create The Scorpion as a way to retaliate against Norman for firing him.

-Miles Warren: A genetics professor whose specialty was cloning. He had found a way to make accelerated clones, but these clones barely lasted weeks or months, due to their accelerated aging. Warren moonlights as an ESU Genetics Professor where he finds ways to obtain genetic material from female students to clone and satisfy his carnal desires.

The idea is to have a way to set up characters in a semi plausible way.  (Too much of a coincidence that many characters are tied to Oscorp... well, since Spidey has been removed from the MCU, I've no access to AIM, Roxxon, Stark, SHIELD, etc. So I have to improvise.

The idea is to set up Stillwell and Tinkerer as the "main unrelated villains" in this first movie, while Scorpion is the "filler". Stillwell's revenge on Osborn via Scorpion is plotline A. Plotline B involves Otto discovering Tinkerer's betrayal and nearly dying for it. (Tinkerer sabotaged The neural interface of Otto's "arms" which causes the birth of Doctor Octopus for Spidey 2)

 Norman is not to be seen in this movie. He exists and is a Threat from behind the shadows. I'm aware that this kinda feels like retreading the "Amazing reboot" and the insomniac games Spidey. It kinda is to an extent.

The idea is to "create a Spiderverse" with Spider-Man movies AND movies based of other characters. For example, having Spidey save a guy that happens to be Hobie Brown, from some gang related problems. This encounter inspires Hobie to get revenge on the gang as a masked vigilante. We get a Prowler movie. Here he would face One of Hammerhead's enforcers, Flint Marko.

I set up BOTH Lizard and Morbius so one can fight Spidey, preferably Morbius, while Lizard gets his solo flick, where Kravinoff is the antagonist.

The idea is to set up phases and goals for Spidey:
Phase One: Gauntlet of the Sinister Six 
This one is Self Explanatory. It would be an 8 movie phase to set up the Sinister Six 2-part movie. I need to mention that THE REAL SINISTER SIX would be used: I mean:
Ock, Electro, Kraven, Mysterio, Sandman and Vulture.
This would be 2 Spidey movies, 2 Prowler movies, Black Cat movie, and the Gauntlet of the Sinister Six.
Chameleon would be a conmon thread accomodating pieces for Norman and future movies.

Phase Two: Neogenic Nightmare
Morbius, Lizard, Goblin, and Jackal would be the main antagonists.
The Symbiote is introduced as an abandoned cancer treatment suit, whose composition is alien in origin. The 3 scientists working on the project were: Edward Brock Senior, Mary Teresa Fitzpatrick, and Richard Parker.
This combines both traditional and Ultimate Origins.
Since all three of them used their DNA to test the symbiote's capabilities, the symbiote only recognizes them as part of its Codex. Since Peter Parker posseses DNA from 2 out of 3 Codex "hosts", the suit feels more affinity to Peter. The Symbiote will be the cure to the 6 arm affliction.
( my having both morbius and lizard there's no way in hell that I'm not going to do the six Arms Spidey)
Chameleon would be introduced as an actual threat and has been acting as Norman's right hand.
Black suit Spidey's more violent tendencies while battling Norman are what will drive Peter to destroy the Symbiote.
Jackal would be the first post-Symbiote villain. Yes, Spidey will fight his first clone. (If we reach ph4, you can guess what it'll be aboot)

Eddie Jr. Gets the symbiote and Venom begins Phase 3:
Maximum Carnage 
Brock, now armed with a symbiote and Spider-powers begins hunting down the people who caused his father's death and the death of Parker's parents. The string of deaths caused by "black Spider-Man" force Peter to return to his red and blues (much to Black Cat's chagrin) at the end of the body trails, Peter finds a torn Eddie Brock with the symbiote as he struggles with the symbiote to remain in control. The symbiote wants to bond to Parker, while Eddie needs the symbiote to survive. (I got back the test results, I definitely have cancer!) Peter reluctantly agreed to let Eddie live with the Symbiote, as long as Brock doesn't let it kill more people. Brock moves to San Francisco in order to put as much distance as possible from Spidey.

Spidey and Black Cat team up to take down a Goblin impersonator who's trying to take on the ubderground power vaccuum from Norman's death.

In California, Brock is forced to battle Shriek, a woman that was genetically modified to become an Anti-Venom weapon. The Life Foundation's CEO, Roland Treece was the one behind the assassination of the Parkers and Brock Sr. and not Norman Osborn, as Brock erroneously believed.

During Venom's final fight with Shriek on a Max Sec Prison, dying bits of Venom bond to a prisoner in solitary.

The idea is to finish with a three-parter,  Maximum Carnage.
Hobgoblin would be replacing Demogoblin, Doppelganger would be a defective Clone of Spidey, Carrion is a defective clone of Jackal, and we add Shriek and Carnage to the Mix.
On the Heroes side, we have Spidey, Cat, Prowler, Venom, and Morbius

This is of course and off the cough random idea that I had cooking for about an hour...

But in order for this to work, SONY needs to find a figure who could act as a SONY version of Kecin Feige... AND KEEP THE PASCAL/ARAD/SONY involvement to a minimum... otherwise we get:

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