Aug 1, 2019

Filmation Suoer7 figures delayed until October.

Those of you ordered wave 4 of Club Grayskull your figures are going to be delayed until October.

This most likely means that the Collector's Choice movie variants wave will be delayed even further.

To be fair many of these delays are due to Super 7 putting a lot of focus on not messing up Snake Mountain.  Or so I hope. While part of me is bummed that Classics is most likely to end this year; all these delays and quality control hiccups kind of make me glad. If the ThunderCats rumors are true I just want to get Tygra, Cheetara, Mumm-Ra the ever-living, maybe the core mutants... and I didn't need to see the classics style Turtles before I can even commit.
This is mostly because NECA's Turtles look pretty radical...

I want Conan Now!!

 also hold onto your butts because Netflix's bastardization of She-Ra starts its "third season" tomorrow... it's more like Season 1 Part 3 but who's counting?

They make an ass out of TungLahsor... he looks like a gay cowboy rattlor.

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