Mar 25, 2023

I found my 2DS!!

 Just in time for the Nintendo eShop closing its 3DS doors... I have to shamelessly admit that I only looked for it to get the Ace Attorney DLCs...
I know I said in the past that I would not buy downloadable content since it should come with the game.

 Unfortunately these last two Phoenix Wright games are exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS and the 3DS store closes Forever on Monday. So it was either never play those special cases or swallow my pride and pay 12 bucks for the two DLC. I paid for them and also downloaded Apollo Justice for three bucks. So in a way everything balances out.

Capcom never released the Edgeworth investigation games, so those are MIA. 
I most assumed that those will never come out in modern consoles, so I might as well forget about them. Now that I have Apollo Justice, I guess that I should restart the Ace Attorney series and play the games chronologically and while I'm at it review Herr Forehead's game.
I should also locate the anime that may be in one my DVD boxes... unless my brother took it when he moved out.

Guess I better practice my pointing and the 3 key phrases: Hold it! Objection! Take that!

While I'm at it, Capcom, How about an Ace Attorney collection?
The Ace Attorney Trilogy, Apollo Justice, Dual Destinies, Spirit of Justice, and the 2 Edgeworth investigation games... now if this collection sells, maybe you could consider Ace Attorney 7?

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