Mar 29, 2023

It came from the Toy Chest: His will may be of steel, but his right shoulder is made of crap.


I am talking about my Super7 Ultimates Silverhawks Steelwill, who unfortunately broke at the right shoulder while arm swapping. One of the Steel twins, with his sister coming late, because reasons.
The breakage. I had to pull out the peg from the arm.

Unlike Bluegrass, will has some issues in the torso. The joint is useless and only by tweaking the head and legs one can get a decent flying poses. At least he doesn't have loose joints.

Paint and sculpt 
Will has a decent paint job on him. The sculpting does a great job of capturing the cartoon version of the character and translating it into a three-dimensional form.

2 extra heads
8 extra hands
2 wing it arms
2 laser blasts
Screamer blaster with 2 tips
Steamer blaser with effect
2 stronghold
He has plenty of accessories...
I had to heat up the wing it arms to remove the shoulders and put them on the normal arms. It was a happy accidentt, but the problem is that I can't be heating up the arms each time I want to swap.

Steelwill would've gotten a 4.33 as his final score if he hadn't broken on me. I must discount a whole point for breakage due to his arm being stubborn. It sucks that I have to get a new Steelwill in order to use both arms... so his new score is 3.33

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