Mar 16, 2023

Boy Meets Politics

 Mister Matthews is running for Congress. No, not Eric, Cory! Hence the title of the Rant, Boy Meets Politics! Yes, Ben Savage, brother of Fred Savage, not Related to Randy Savage or Adam Savage is running for Congress. Specifically, the seat that will be vacated by Adam Schiff in Californyuh! Sorry for referencing The Wizard, but I only can use Boy Meets World when talking about Ben Savage. I know he played a young Iñigo Montoya in Criminal Minds, but to me possible Congressman Savage will always be Cory Matthews father of Chewbacca and Plankton Matthews... Riley and Augie Matthews.

Best of luck to Ben Savage... May the wisdom imparted by Feeny may allow you to Do good...

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