Mar 24, 2023

Silverhawks and variants: Are they even doable?

 Unlike Thundercats, Silverhawks variants are a bit tougher to sell... I mean, we can't get Vac Metal due to the materials of the limbs and heads... and do we even want a Soft Good wings  variants for the Silverhawks?

Like, Bluegrass would need to be a bright Metallic Blue...
The Steel twins would need to be a darker Metallic Blue almost gunmetal grey with a hint of blue
Copper Kidd would have to be a Metallic Orange
While Quicksilver would have to be a bright Metallic Silver
Bright metallic Gold for Hotwing and Stargazer
Metallic teal for Moonstryker
METALLIC green for Flashback
Nothing for Condor.
I don't mean molded plastic, I mean BOTH MOLDED Plastic AND PAINTED OVER toenhance the metallic shiny look.

That's not counting the soft goods wings for Quicksilver, the twins, Hotwing, and Copper Kidd. Losing the masked heads, and getting completely different birds...

The Bad guys would have some changes as well.
Mo-Lec-U-Lar would need a new torso. Buzzsaw may or may not require a complete sculpt overhaul and paintjob... Mon*Star's losing his depowered form and getting a new "depowered" head. Windhammer is just a new head and tuning fork... or using the windswept hairpiece on the closed mouth head... maybe a darker robe... 

Aside BuzzSaw and Mo-Lec-U-Lar, there's no real reason for toy variants... 
The only "hope" for Silverhawks variants would be the Flightsuit variants for the main Hawks and MAYBE Hotwing and Moonstryker.
I'd rather have sculpted flightsuits than removable soft goods flightsuits. 

It's rather hard to pad these waves out and it's better to acknowledge that Silverhawks is rather small for a toyline.

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