Mar 19, 2023

Jason David Frank's Legend of the White Dragon is getting a Theatrical release.

 The release is most likely going to be in the Fall, around JDF's birthday. But that's not all, the people behind the project, have been working hard to get this released, since JDF's untimely death. 

So, from my understanding, this is a grittier, edgier, mature take on the Sentai Genre. To be honest I wasn't THAT interested in the project. I mean, "edgy Power Rangers" with Jason David Frank playing edgy "not Tommy". This is the hardest typecasting I've seen since Chris Tucker was getting cast as the obnoxiously loud African American sidekick... but I just found out about the cast... Diggle is in this... Jimmy from the shitty Double Dragon movie with Alyssa Milano is in this too! (Alyssa Milano is not in this. I only mentioned her so you could figure out What shitty movie I'm talking about. I should've just said the Crow City of Angels, or Only the Strong, but nooo! I wanted to make a Double Dragon Reference) Wait a damn minute, Time Force Red Ranger is in this too!? Fuck me, they have the dad from Free Willy... Now I definitely have to see this!! I know it sounds like I'm completely mocking this, I'm not. There's a little amount of mockery, but it's mainly towards JDF's inability to move on from Power Rangers. 

I'm sad he died, but that doesn't change the fact that his defining role has been Power Rangers. You say the name Jason David Frank and the first thing that pops into your mind is either Green or White Ranger... not Sweet Valley High, not him getting his ass kicked by Urkel, not him challenging Jean Claude Van Damme to a street fight, not challenging CM Punk to a MMA battle, it's always Fucking Power Rangers. Or if you want to be a fucking hipster, the Cybertron pilot that eventually became VR Troopers.

Pick your poison:

I really hope that the movie doesn't suck.

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