Mar 29, 2023

It came from the Toy Chest: This Cowboy will teach me about Uranus


Tally ho! Super7 got me a birthday gift... that I paid for... and it's Bluegrass from Silverhawks. The only silverhawk who can't fly on his own... that isn't Commander Stargeezer. He's the pilot of the possibly $600-ish Maraj, that I won't buy because of logistics.
Sometimes you can hear pictures...
This one sounds like this

Mixed bag here. He has a decent amount of articulation for a Super7 figure, but some of his articulation is garbage. Diaphragm joint I'm looking at you. It barely moves a little bit of a Twist and a little bit side to side but no forward or backward movement. His elbows are ridiculously loose and this causes him to drop items. On the other hand his legs are incredibly tight and makes posing somewhat difficult.

Paint and sculpt:
Right out of the bag I had some paint chipping on his right elbow and I just noticed that his left shoulder lost some paint as well then the back of the knees also lost something damn it. While the paint disappoints the sculpting makes up for it. The faces look really great and the body feels like a 3D representation of the cartoon character.
Yipeekayay or something...

2 extra heads
11 extra hands
1 handkerchief 
1 hat
2 lariat
2 energy effects
1 Hot Licks
3 versions of Sideman (at rest, in-flight, Guitar mode)
2 straps for the guitars
Another tribute to the show.

Bluegrass gets a 4.33 as his final score. I'm disappointed with the articulation and paint issues on the figure. But other than that, he's OK... not $55 OK, but sadly, the only ones making Silverhawks is Super7. Hopefully Steelwill is better than this... *update* Steelwill broke after trying to swap his arms. 
Despite his glaring issues, he has the potential to be a great figure... it's a shame that at least my figure is not "perfect"... but it's Better than Steelwill...
Bluegrass will look great dueling Melodia... but she's still MIA...
He's got enough stuff to be a super kickass figure, but the loose joints and chipping paint are an issue...
Bluegrass: I just found Melodia's OnlyFans...

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