Mar 24, 2023

Guess it's time for a Masterverse Weapons Pack

 Mattel has gotten some nifty accessories in their Masterverse line... some are unique to a character, but ithers could be generic enough to be used by Multiple. Also, thisbcould be an opportunity to deliver some extras for some characters. I shall make a 30 item list between preexisting items and new Items to use with the Masterverse figures: I'd call it Treasures from Old Eternia Weapon Pak

Reused parts:
-NE Faker Techno Sword in a Different Color, preferably He-Man's silver. 
-Clawful mace in Pearlescent white 
-Deluxe MAA big gun in a different color
-NE Whiplash Torch (with flame)
-Masterverse Scareglow Halberd in Pearlescent white
-Stinkor Shield in Pearlescent white
- C.Teela shield in red
- C. Teela sword in red and silver
-He-Man shield in different color
- Buzz-Off Axe in Pearlescent white 
-NE Zodac Armor in black
- NE Zodac Blaster in black
- NE Zodac Staff in black
- Tri-Klops sword in Green
- Whilash spear in Pearlescent White
New parts:
-New Mossman hand shaped like vintage mace.
- New Keldor inspired Dual Blades.
- 200X Whiplash spork of doom inspired weapon
- Blaster rifle based on Vintage CG Blaster rifle in Pearlescent white (not a repaint of Webstor's)
- Sword based on CG sword in Pearlescent white 
- Gun based on Vintage CG Gun in Pearlescent white
- 200X He-Man inspired Axe.
- Vintage Toy inspired Sword for She-Ra 
-sword inspired by the Vintage CG flag swords.
- Cosmic Enforcer Rifle inspired by MOTUC Strobo's rifle in black
- Flail based on the Vintage CG Triangular rack art.
- Trident for Merman inspired by 200X toy
- New Cosmic Enforcer beamblade in black. The removable blade should also pop in Hordak's arm cannon for his own beamblade.
- New Cobra Armor with Staff of Ka for Revelation Teela.
-New wrist bracer with Beamsword, grappling hook, blaster attachments. (This is technically new, but VERY LOOSELY INSPIRED by the Mighty Spector and Filmation MAA...)

As you can see most of these Items are inspired from stuff from MOTU's long legacy, hence the name Treasures from Old Eternia... there are a few "new" items, but they complement the things from the past.

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