Mar 31, 2023

Tommy Wiseau is back...

 In the director seat with hos newest film: Big Shark...

Yes, this is Tommy Wiseau's newest film and I don't know what to think... I mean, we know that at best it's a B-Movie that feels like a crappy Sharknado knock-off. The problem is that I don't know if Wiseau is going to be making it intentionally cringy, campy and crappy while claiming it's always been a horror comedy from the get go, or if like The Room, he's seriously attempting to make a horror movie and ends up being unintentionally cringy and campy.  If it's the latter, it would make for a better movie. But if he's making it bad on purpose, then it defeats the whole charm that his previous movie had. The Room was bad due to Wiseau bing inexperienced and unwilling to compromise, because he was the star, director, writer, producer, etc. Now after having multiple appearances in movies and shows, Wiseau is back with this campy horror movie... 

I swear if there isn't at least one of these lines in the movie I'm gonna scream:
"Oh hi shark!"
"It's tearing me apart, Lisa!"
(Taunting the shark) "Cheep, cheep cheep, cheep!"
"Don't touch me motherfucker!"

If they all make it in that's how I know that Tommy Wiseau was being purposely cringe.

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