Aug 2, 2021

DC Multiverse: We need more Non-Batman stuff

 Suicide Squad is a nice Start... more villains that aren't necessarily Batman related. I recently received a loose Deathstroke with two additional random swords... and wild Deathstroke can whore himself out to other Heroes, he can still be a Batman villain by association... Titans enemy, Robin is a leader... boom! I've made fun of most of the two packs since they are all Batman related.

Where's Luthor, Bizarro, Solomon Grundy, Gorilla Gr... wait they made Grodd! Finally! A Non-Batman villain.

My previous 15 DC characters that McFarlane should tackle only saw 2 make the light of day. And it was mostly due to Batman.

Guys like Luthor, Cheetah, Sinestro, Reverse Flash are obvious choices... Let me try to get away from those... and try to keep the guano to a minimum.

Harpoon Hand Aquaman (classic outfit)
The reason for choosing this one is because Todd could make a spare "Classic" Aquaman in a Two Pack with Black Manta.

Malcolm Merlyn (CW) 
I want a figure that doesn't quite look like John Barrowman.... obviously this is to match the CW Green Arrow figure that we already got.

Vandal Savage
I believe Todd's team could pull something cool with him.

Black Canary (90s)
I'm going to go here with comic book version because I don't like the CW's Black Canary

Shazam! (Nu52)
I know I mentioned him on a previous list, but the Big Red Cheese needs some representation.

Black Adam (Nu52)
Symmetry. That is all. 

Martian Manhunter (classic)
My main reason to have him is to have a nod to the DCAU but without the cartoon looks.

Captain Cold: (Injustice 2 )
Seems that Injustice tends to get non-Batmam stuff faster than normal waves, so.

Booster Gold & Ted Kord
He would be great in a 2 pack with Ted Kord Blue Beetle.

Constantine (comics)
Need to specify that it's the comic book version because I don't want a tattooed Johnny Mnemonic.

The Atom (Ray Palmer)
Nothing against Ryan Choi, but it would be nice to get the classic one before the new one. 

Jay Garrick & Alan Scott
Since we already have Barry Allen and Hal Jordan, the JSA Flash and Green Lantern would be a nice 2 Pack.

Supergirl (classic)
So far this line has been mostly a fête du saucisson. Adding key female characters fixes that. Traditional Supergirl is a nice star. I'm gonna be a dick and suggest a two-pack of White shirt Supergirl vs Power Girl. That way you're forced to double dip... unless you like both Power Girl and the White shirt outfit over the red and blue for Supergirl.

Swamp Thing
You know that a McFarlane Swamp Thing would look amazeballs.

Hawkgirl & Hawkman 2pack
Todd could later do individual releases but for the first release, having both Carter and Shiera in their iconic looks in a two pack is a smart idea.

General Zod (preferably the Superman II version)
KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!! and all that... KNEEL! Some people may want comic book Zod, which looks cool, but my soft spot is for Terrence Stamp. Despite Michael Shannon being a great actor, I have no love for his Zod... so I'm picking the Stamp version because it's Iconic.

Plastic Man
I've already mentioned that I simply want Plastic Man for no reason other than saying I have Plastic Man. And he's really a Plastic Plastic Man.

He's been long overdue. Especially since the issues with Dwayne McDuffie's widow have been resolved (IIRC Her husband created Static and was one of Milesone's founders. Static was folded into the DC Universe during the nu52 era.) Not to mention that Static was one of the better received recent characters that happened to be PoCs. Static also had an animated series with the main character voiced by Phil LaMarr (Vamp from MGS2, Jack from Samurai Jack, Ramza from Final Fantasy Tactics, and He-Ro from MOTU Revelation... He's a VA that happens to be Black. So cool the outrage jets!)

Don't get me wrong, I understand why Todd leans on Batman: he has the best villains gallery and many if them are easy sellers... and to be honest, I'm more of a Batman guy... BUT it's DC Multiverse, not Batman and friends.

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