Aug 28, 2021

Daniella Pineda wants Cowboy Bebop to fail

 By criticizing fans who complained about the Adaptation getting the character wrong.

If I recall correctly, Ms. Valentine is Singaporean, meaning that she's Asian, not Latina. Also, Ms. Valentine's 5 feet 6 inches tall, not 6 feet as Pineda claims. So her "short ass" is the only thing they got close to correct.

Her outfit argument is also bullshit.

Somehow her skirt being yellow like her top and having white boots is suddenly unrealistic. Unless her crevices love to munch on the color yellow. I made crude MSPaint changes to what they could've done to reach a reasonable compromise on the outfit to make it "realistic" yet "respectful of the source material". But wait, I could've sworn that one of the writers already mentioned that from the get go, Faye's outfit was going to be changed... so who's lying here?

Faye's outfit is nothing like say Cammy's outfit...

Kylie Minogue wore BOTH versions of the Cammy outfit. The "game accurate" one for The Game based on The Movie and her Movie version that had her green outfit now blue and pants. Even though the movie made some changes, her outfit still honors the original design far better than the "game accurate" one. Longer gloves, camo print on her legs are key design elements from the game that the "game accurate" version just "forgot".  But unlike Cammy's outfit, the changes in Faye's outfit could've been made more palatable to fans by switching the color pallette. They go out of their way to make Spike and Jet as Accurate as possible but with Faye it seems like they barely tried. But returning to the main issue. This Adaptation hasn't been released and she's already attacking the fandom for all the wrong reasons. It's things like these that makes people not want to see the show AFTER being disappointed by dumb changes. Especially when giving flimsy excuses. How can a yellow skort be "unrealistic" but a black one is "realistic"? 

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