Aug 4, 2021

Remaking The Legend of Zelda and Adventure of Link

 I know Nintendo rarely makes remakes of ancient games, but hear me out. Since thise two games are the oldest and most bare bones entries due to console limitations, they have the most potential to expand. Not to mention tweak and update. Say goodbye to the "Lives" and other oddities that made the originals a pain in the neck to play.

I'm thinking something similar to BOTW, but not exactly the same. Just as Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess are similar but different. Since Both games are focused on mostly open world exploring. The Great Plateau from BOTW is bigger than OOT's overworld. Meaning that the Original Legend of Zelda could act as this game's equivalent of the Great Plateau. Once you beat "the tutorial" you get the time skip, just like OOT. With Older Link we lose access to certain weapons, but gain access to others. Things like breakability, reliance on the MAGIC meter, requiring a cooldown (like the Master Sword) could reduce the abusing of certain weapons or spells.  

The world would get an overhaul and feel more organic and not have everything forced to a grid. Dungeons and palaces would be where the bigger changes lie since adding the third dimension can make sense of the nonsensically long hallways and townsfrom the 2d era.

Then we have the storyline. Without the 8-bit limitations, the story can be fleshed out and make some things less videogame cryptic while keeping the cryptic atmosphere. Speaking if storyline, the dosconnect between The Original Legend of Zelda and Zelda II: Adventure of Link can be fixed. In BOTW, the Great Plateau acts like a Zelda 1 map within the Zelda 2 map. Storywise we can claim that the Zelda 1 map is a magical recreation of different environments from Hyrule, maintained by the remaining members of the Sheikah to train potential champions/heroes. These training grounds were built at the base of Death Mountain due to the inhospitable area surrounding the grounds, which would avoid normal travelers accidentally entering the training grounds. Not only that, but with being able to expand the storytelling abilities, we can get more lore. The ability to make the original games be more connected to the 30+ years of lore that came after... We can even explain better the 2 Zeldas. We have the Zelda that we rescue in LoZ and hand over the Triforces of Power and Wisdom to her and we have the Comatose Zelda hidden within the castle...

Wait!! Crazy idea! The Trilogy of Decline:
Legend of Zelda 
Zelda II: Adventure of Link
(Third unnamed title based on the background story of Zelda 2 with the king who split the Triforce, had the Triforce of Courage hidden, and was possibly killed by the Court Wizard to put up the easily manipulable Prince in the throne in order to gain the Triforce.)
That untold story would be the main reason to make the remakes. While, I'm not suggesting to make everything in a single game; I'm trying to make a mini series of games taking place in the Decline era. Just like BOTW and its unnames sequel. They kinda take place in the same-ish area but the Unnamed Sequel is not a DLC of the first. So in LoZ+AoL you play on the Declined Hyrule in a 3D rendition of the NES originals. On the Unnames Prequel you play as a different Link on the same Hyrule many years in the past. For example, the only Kasuto is Old Kasuto on the prequel. Saria village is not full of Ganon's eyes.  Maybe North Castle has a more bustling town close by. Etc.

OK I just had another crazier idea. This "Missing Link" is an older Link. Let's say he's 19, that way he could have younger siblings. That way we could have another Aryll, or we could add a Linkle.

And if you're thinking Linkle DLC, no... I wouldn't do that... I'd RDR that Linkle harder than you can say the L-WORD... this is not the crazy idea... the idea is that this "older missing Link" is to have his grunts, hyahs, and other noises be recorded by a Western Actor...
Jonathan Potts. Yes, THAT Jonathan Potts. If possible getting Cynthia Preston to voice Zelda (the sleeper) would be even better. Not only it's a nice Easter egg, but a thank you to two people who were involved in the series' infancy and deserve some tribute... it's not like anyone's demanding for this 

And yes, if I was in charge, I'd fond a way to sneak in the phrase...
Now, all references aside, the prequel to LoZ+AoL has the base for a decent Zelda Story: Let me pretend I'm a mediocre writer and cook up the idea...
The King suspects the Mage consigliere of plotting against the Kingdom. Possibly the Queen's death was caused by the Mage... Let's call him Agahnim, because Zelda games referencing other zelda games. OK, so the King suspects Agahnim is after the Triforce, so he gets Zelda to convince her friend, the Goat Herding Swordsman, Link to do some tasks in order to hide the Triforce. The King has Link hunt down and capture the essence of the toughest Monsters in all of the Far North Regions of Hyrule. After he has the essence of the monsters he must place them deep within 6 temples to the goddesses Din, Farore, and Naryu activate a magic seal and retrieve a Gem from the statues deep within the Temples. He then must carry the final Monster and place it with a treasure deep within the Great Temple. Meanwhile, the Prince's mind is being corrupted by Agahnim's silver tongue. This is leading the Prince to turn agains his father and sister. Eventually letting Agahnim kill the King. With the King dead and the Triforce sealed away in the 3 parts, Zelda flees to the great Temple to find Link and warn him about Aghanim and the Prince (whom I want to christen as Daphnes Robinward Hyrule as a nod to a Zelda Fan known as Robin W.) At the Great Palace, the Prince confronts his sister about the Triforce and Aghanim takes over and threatens to  put the Princess in an Eternal Slumber. Zelda unmasks Aghanim and reveals that he is the Demon Thief Ganondorf. Link fights Ganondorf, who turns into the Demon Ganon and as Link finishes the Demon Thief, with help from Linkle, who snuck into the Temple at Zelda's behest, he casts a Spell to kill Zelda. With Ganon sealed, only the Triforce of Wisdom and Courage remain. Link would sacrifice his life force to stop the spell from Killing Zelda. With the tragedy that has befallen the kingdom, the King puts Zelda to sleep on a mystic Sheikah chamber until the Triforce can be reunited and reawaken the sleeping Zelda. 

The Dark Link one would fight on LoZ+AoL is the regret, anger, and other negative emotions from the "Missing Link" that take the shape of Link as a final test for the Triforce. Once Link defeats Dark Link, the Triforce Keeper, or I should say, the Spirit of Prequel Link hands over the Triforce of Courage to Link since he senses the other two. Link takes the final Triforce and awakens the Prequel Zelda. The idea is to connect both games through the narrative and gameplay.

I haven't given the Adventure of Linkle too much thought, since I just thought out of that idea. I'm guessing a Bizzare Adventure (mandatory JoJo reference) would be great for her. Something about her becoming the main breadwinner of the house and having to become a hero in order to bring enough rupees home so Grandma and Aryll don't have to work too hard. Then things take a weird Majora's Mask/ Link's awakening turn with Linkle having to save Hyrule from an unorthodox menace ubrelated to Ganon, Demise, and the perpetual cycle of the Triforce chosen ones.

 The reason for Linkle's Adventure being a bit peculiar and not Heavy on the story is on purpose. The idea is to give people a taste of Linkle gameplay on an actual Legend of Zelda game. If people react positively to it, then Nintendo COULD do more Linkle games and lean into more story. If the reaction is not as great, this gives enough feedback for Nintendo to tweak Linkle to be more palatable to players. 

Holy crap! I just conceived 2 new Zelda games out of Remaking the NES originals into a modern style... shit! The Teilogy became a Tetralogy... No, Comatose Zelda won't take the name Tetra and travel the world with Modern Decline Era Link... although it wouldn't be a bad idea and make it a pentalogy. Not to mention it echoes the WW games and Repetition is a common theme in Zelda games.

Guess I better start playing Skyward Sword HD since I finally got it.

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