Aug 10, 2021

Māti-kun, mōshiwakearimasenga, 1. 21 Jigawatto no denryoku o seisei dekiru yuiitsu no dengen wa inazumadesu.

 Japanese versions of Back to the Future Quotes!? Kore wa Omoi, Doc-san! Why would I be quoting Back to the Future in Japanese unless there's a BTTF anime coming...

No anime yet, but Japan will be making a Manga novelization of Back to the Future meant for young children (and for weebs) to learn how to read, given the reading level of the intended audience, (elementary schoolchildren and 30-40 something Westerners whose Japanese is limited to anime quotes and Duolingo. Yamete Onii-chan is one of those phrases...) 

This is the kind of remake I could get behind of. It doesn't change the original, in fqct it's a simple adaptation to a different medium where the universe could be expanded (as long as they have the blessing of the BTTF creators) and according to the female who likes to play with my o-chin-chin who refuses to be officially named... something something my blog is embarrassingly unprofessional and she wants her online footprint to be EXTREMELY SQUEAKY CLEAN... so, I'll  respect that. She thinks that Manga Marty looks extremely cute... Cuter than 80s Michael J. Fox she said. And I was like: How can I judge a dude's cuteness while being straight!?  Then we went in a tangent about finding thigs cute doesn't mean that I'm gonna stick my dick in them. It went on for a few minutes and we ended up on whether 2D is better than 3D and we both admitted we'd like to bang 2D versions of each other... depending on the art style. That was a bit of TMI, but apparently Real McFly is a 7 while Manga McFly is a 9.

*update* Manga Doc Brown is a 7.5 real Doc Brown didn't fare so well. The whole looking like Judge Doom is apparently a huge turn off.

But yeah, There's a BTTF manga coming.

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