Aug 20, 2021

It seems that OnlyFans has chosen death... and stuff.

 By "sanitizing their site" by Oct. 1st. After this date no Sexually explicit content would be allowed. The platform is mostly used by sex workers and amateur porn star wannabes to get some safe money by being camgirls. 

Sure, there are other uses for OnlyFans, but... let's  face it... the main use is porn...

Now what will Belle Delphine do? Sell more bathwater? Bagged farts? ABC Gum? What? 

OnlyFans made her a millionaire, now they're taking that away from her!? What will they do when She unleashes her simp army?

Sure, they're doing this move to attract more investors and sponsors, but this will alienate the core audience...


So much for that Porn Ban... they already canceled it. Seems like somebody told them killingnporn would kill 90%+ of their traffic. Guess they listened to the song.

Shinichi Chiba has passed away due to COVID-19 complications... Who is he? Japanese actor who appeared in the Nana-iro Kamen series in 1959... if my Japanese knowledge from Duolingo is correct, this would translate into The mask of 7 colors... or 7 colored mask... this is important for 2 things: it's amongst the earliest tokusatsu shows which would lead into the sentai shows and eventually bring Zyuuranger into the west and have first Bandai, later Hasbro grab me by the balls... fuck Target and their exclusive Ninjetti Adam and Billy... they have their hooded heads as well... can't wait for Tommy... but back to Nana-iro Kamen. It was also the inspiration for Go Nagai's Cutie Honey. Wait, Go Nagai... why is that name so familiar? Holy shit! Majinga Zetto!! Straying from topic, gotta go back!!

Chiba-san was in various Martial Arts movies, including NINJA movies... also he has been on other Tokusatsu shows, but most pwople remember him as the dude who made a sword for Poison Ivy to kill Kung Fu... or DK's uncle in... Carvengers Family 3: Imitation D.

May he find peace now that he is no longer tied to this plane. Well then, farewell.

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