Aug 2, 2021

Batman characters that Todd McFarlane's DC Multiverse needs to tackle

 As much as I HATE that Todd relies on Batman way too much, he has the most interesting set of characters. So this list will be full of Guano. I won't go for a specific version of characters, except when I really want ONE specific version for example: Batgirl (Arkham Knight) that means that I want an Arkham Knight Batgirl. 

But if it said: Hugo Strange with nothing inside parentheses, then any version of Hugo Strange that is not from BTAS is a valid option. But even without parentheses, I might explain which versions I'm leaning towards, but I wouldn't necessarily DEMAND those versions.

Yes, the Batman won't go down jokes bumped her up on my wishlist. I'm not going to be nitpicky about this but if I could pick one it would be Julie Newmar. I don't know if something on it tight spandex look in contrast to my heart and Batman's High Tech Armor look makes it better for me.

Mister Freeze (Batman and Robin)
I picked this version over all others because it's a better fit for McFarlane. Also I have a soft spot for Schwarzenegger and his ice puns. 

Red Robin
Tim is the only member of the Bat Family family that's currently Missing... that is not Alfred or Ace the bat Hound.

This one has BAF written all over him. Besides it would be cool to see what McFarlane can do with this monster.

Again another monsters character that McFarlane could do wonders with. 

Another Big Gun, no pun here. I'm honestly curious on how MacFarlane would make him with his awkward shape... and his umbrellas.

Bane (Knightfall)
I know that we got a BAF off of the modern version but that one is in grayscale. Instead of doing just a simple weekend of that one I'm suggesting some new parts to make a more traditional version of Him.

Harvey Dent is not exactly an easy character to make from a symmetrical  perspective. He's asymmetrical but requires Symmetry in his accessories (especially on the extra hands)

Riddler (classic)
The 4th Big Gun of Bat villains. Personally I'm more inclined to do the spandex look than the suit look; mostly because the suit look kind of looks like he wants to give me free government money.

Ra's Al Ghul
I'm trying really hard not to get guys in suits on this list because they're kind of boring.  In the case of Ra's al Ghul I'd go for a shirtless look. Also I probably put him in a two pack against Batman also shirtless. (And maybe an alternate Bruce Wayne head.) If a shirtless version of Ra's al Ghul is not doable then the fancy outfit he uses that is not a suit and tie.

The unofficial and often forgotten Female Robin. She's also the daughter of Cluemaster who happens to be the next figure on the list.

Now that I'm thinking about it cluemaster and spoiler would make a great 2pack. I know people see him as a dollar store Riddler but to be fair he kind of is.

AzBat (Knightfall)
We have gotten a few Azrael/AzBat figures but NONE as the original 90s look. If Stephanie Brown is often forgotten as Robin... nearly everyone wants to forget AzBat... He was the epitome of all that went wrong in the 90s.

Poison Ivy
Preferences here are anything that isn't Uma Thurman... While I'd prefer non-green Ivy, I wouldn't mind a green one as long as the sculpt is pretty to look at. (I know it sounds a bit "sexist" but Ivy is supposed to be alluring.)

Harley Quinn (Classic or Arkham City)
I know we kinda got a Classic Harley with Amimated Harley, but I want one in realistic proportions.  If that's undoable, then the Arkham City Harley is a nice compromise between Classic and Juggalette Harley.

(Dis)/Honorable mentions
This small list is of characters that I would like, but they'd be a bit too hard to sell:

I know most Bat-fans would by Alfred especially if he comes with the shotgun. At the same time it's kind of hard to sell a figure of the butler.

Commissioner Gordon
Another guy in a suit. Of course I'm thinking of the classic Gordon in a trench coat with his normal suit with and his face would have graying hair.

Penny Plunderer
Your first thought is WHY!? The second one should be NO, SERIOUSLY, WHY HIM?
If that was your thought process, then you know me well.

Try to sell a scarred serial killer... if a mom had a Karen moment with a Walter White figure, Zsasz would trigger the hell outbif her.

Black Mask
Again, guy in a suit. Sure he has to cool Skull mask but at the same time it's a guy in a suit. Then again Todd could milk the hell out of that body.

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