Aug 13, 2021

GTA trilogy heading to the Switch... allegedly

 Grand Theft Auto III turns 20 this year. Allegedly, it's coming to the Switch this October or November... it would come with Vice City and San Andreas.

The weird thing is that they're calling it a remaster, but it's being made on Unreal Engine... those 3 games used RenderWare as their engine. It sounds more like a remake more than a remaster. In any case oh, do you know what this means? Now I'll be able to shit myself as I travel through St.Marks and the Leone family greets me with their shotguns, because I can play in the toilet!! Same thing in Vice City as I stroll through Little Haiti. Or in San Andreas as I try to stay on the Nap of the Earth... this is perfect for me since I've said that the switch is my retro game console.

I don't remember a San Andreas ad, sadly... but I'll get to revisit 3 classics...

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