Aug 1, 2021

It came from the Toy Chest: a TPE Doll for my Action Figures!?

 TPE Dolls are dolls with a metal armature and covered in ThermoPlastic Elastomer... a rubbery type of plastic that had medical uses and Other uses as well... I'm talking about sex dolls... the fancier kind, not the "I'm humping a beachball" blow-up dolls, but the mid tier dolls with metal armature and covered in ThermoPlastic Elastomer. Well, TB League makes action figures in the same style as said sex dolls. I bought the pale skinned Big breasted "Anime Girl" styled doll... mostly because it's the only doll style they had without rooted hair. 

I need to give her a name, because calling her 1/12 big breasted pale redheaded anime girl is a mouthful. Let's call her the very original name of Dolly... not because she's as doll but for her boobs in honor of Dolly Parton, despite the doll not looking like Dolly at all. So, Dolly has a metal skeleton inside. In theory, the skeleton has a decent range of articulation. I'd dare say that she has more articulation than an actual sex doll... but just like the sex dolls, I wouldn't push her articulation to the extremes. Despite TPE being somewhat stretchy, it CAN TEAR.

Based on what I felt while touching her... not in that way, ya freak! She,s got a range similar to MOTUC Females, probably a bit more. 

Paint and sculpt
There is very little paint on her. Most of it is relegated to the face that is made of hard plastic. Her body is pretty close to anatomically correct as the 1:12 scale allows. She has sculpted genitalia but cannot be penetrated... Before anyone starts calling me a pervert, please hear me out. I'm comparing her to an actual sex doll due to their similarities in their construction... not to mention that I have 1:12 sex toys. She also has sculpted nipples... 

3 sets of extra hands
Extra set of feet
Wristbands and legwarmers to hide the wrist and ankle joints.
I will not show her naked despite her body being on painted and the camera not catching the sculpt details on her genitalia and nipples in order to avoid issues with Google.
Personally I would have liked a lot more extra hands and maybe an additional outfit.
The outfit is mainly since her bikini is plastic and has some thin parts. I'm afraid of it breaking...

Dolly here gets a 4.5 as her final score. She behaves as I expected based on my experience with certain props that one could engage in sexual congress with. I originally wanted to wait until I had all 4 Super7 Turtles to make this review, since Short Red hair, big boobs are things that could be  associated with a friend of the Turtles... you get the idea.

If I ever make that sewer diorama that I've been planning for ages she would have shown up in Michelangelo's bedroom.

Nefty-kun: You KNEW that this
was going to end this way.

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