Aug 20, 2021

A bad adaptation doesn't mean a bad end product.

 I'm going to nip this in the bud, because I know thar idiots will try to use my disappointment in the new direction of "HE-MAN" as an excuse to launch their bigoted remarks. Some people got mad at me for saying that "It'S fOr KiDs" or "It'S nOt FoR yOu!" are invalid excuses for that upcoming show being a BAD ADAPTATION of MOTU. I'm NOT saying that the show will suck ass and that it's going to be a shitshow... the show has decent animation and an excellent voice cast. What I'm NOT liking about what has been shown so far is that it doesn't look or feel like MOTU. The designs feel generic and derivative. Boy-at-arms looks like Samus Aran's armor... then there's Ram Ma'am... the "It's Ma'am!" Jokes are running about. But I'm not going to specifically talk about MOTU here. I want to talk about show and movies that had HUGE deviations from the Source Material and ENDED UP being Good on their own, DESPITE being "bad adaptations".

Jurassic Park: one of the "better adaptations" or I should say,  one bad book adaptation that delivered a pretty good movie. 

Resident Evil: kinda bad adaptation of the games, but a somewhat decent movie... just steer clear from the sequels.

Do I even HAVE TO SAY ANYTHING!? REGARDING THIS MOVIE!? But to be fair it had Raul Juliá in it so you know it was going to be an awesome performance from him, regardless the horrible bastardization on Street Fighter he was in. 

Even the almost holy

Is a BAD adaptation of He-Man. Where the Clonan who faced various demons and monsters in the Eternian Wastelands gave way to Renn Faire Shazam...

Even Fred Wolf's famous TMNT
Is a bastardization of Eastman and Laird's indie comic TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES.
The 2012 series was a Bastardization of the Bastardization and it was Great!!

Tim Burton's Batman is an example of a bad adaptation making a good end result and then having abad adaptation "dumbed down for the children"... (the Schumacher sequels)

Riverdale is a decent CW show, but AWFUL Adaptation of Archie.

Just because it's a bad adaptation, doesn't automatically mean that it'll be bad in general...

Even Noelle Stevenson's bastardization of She-Ra was a decent show if one ignores the She-Ra elements.

Do I have high hopes for the show? No.

Do I believe that shows (that were made for kids) should completely lose their identity and their soul because "TheY'rE mAdE fOr KiDs!"? HELL NO! Despite there being plenty of bad adaptations that have proven themselves to be just as good, if not, better than the source material; I don't believe in discarding the source Material. Much less in stripping away everything that makes a property unique and cram it into a generic show that no longer resembles the original... if that's the proce the property must pay to survive, then taking it out of its misery is the better solution.

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