Aug 21, 2021

It came from the Toy Chest: This Rocksteady doesn't make Batman games

Leonardo: 彼らは私たちをひどいフィドルのように演じました
He-Man: Wait a minute... you're quoting Miller...
Is this a!?
Rocksteady: He-Man, That's NOT MASTER MILLER!
Leonardo: You've been talking to ME, Igor Smith!
He-Man: Who? 
Leonardo: Igor Smith, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes cartoon...
Rocksteady: Never heard of it...
He-Man: There was a cartoon!?
Leonardo: Yes! Your beloved Mattel made the toys for it!! Shit, let me try something else...
Always the Peacemaker, eh Lacan!!
Leonardo: Finally a man of culture!!
He-Man: Not a man of culture. He has a shrine to fictional redheads... Elly is there next to your friend April, and Asuka from Evangelion, above Teela, under your friend April...
Nefty (VO): Screw you! He-Man

 Bebop's better half has finally arrived as part of the third TMNT wave from Super7. Rocksteady is the second half of the Rocksteady and Bebop duo. Two criminals mutated into humanoid animals Rocksteady is the Rhinoceros. He seems to be more interested in military-style weapons based on his outfit. He's basically 1/2 Rambo and 1/2 Spider-Man's villain the rhino.

I know that the idea is to make Rocksteady look big with the manhole cover looking so small. Problem is that if the cover is THAT small, how can the Turtles enter the sewers?

You have already seen Bebop, so you know what to expect. The only real differences in articulation or the lack of tail, the head, and that Rocksteady does not have leg brace.
○ is a □ with the corners cut...
Just like Super7 did to this unpainted gun and to
Rocksteady by not having a proper "gun hand".

Paint and sculpt 
Sadly, it seems tha Super7 began cutting corners on this wave. First April with her unpainted Attache case, then Michelangelo with an unpainted belt. (Had to do all the silver accents),  Now Rocksteady has an "unpainted gun" and sewer cover. Other than that, the Rhino dude is looking good. The sculpt is very close to the original, but the larger size allows for a better appreciation of the details from the vintage toy. If these figures weren't $55+ I'd be all over a second Rocksteady to paint his shirt yellow.
I wouldn't call myself a customizer, but my crappy paintjob on the cover and gun gave them a bit of much needed oomph!

The only sculpt issue I have is that he cannot pull the trigger on his gun.

2 extra hands
3 grenades
Sewer cover shield
Vintage weapons tree
Bebop: Told ya I'd be back!!
Rocksteady: Yo, Beebs! Eiffel Tower?
Shredder: Shut it, you nincompoops! Miss O'Neil is not to be harmed!!
April: Good to know that even you, Shredder, have a code of honor...
Shredder: That is where you're wrong, Miss O'Neil... I, Saki Oroku, 44 years old, Leader of the Ashi-nin, and a resident of the Interdimensional Fortress known as the Technodrome. I am not married. I don't smoke, though occasionally drink. I go to bed at random times due to my position as the leader of a ninja assassin clan. I have killed over 8000 people ever since I became a ninja at the age of 12. I recently saw the Tommy Wiseau film, The Room... in it, the protagonist, played by Wiseau makes love to his future wife's  belky button. The whole act made me harder than General Traag. Before I kill you, I intend to fulfill my dream.
Bebop: Wait, was this a The Room reference, a Dragon Ball Z reference, or a JoJo reference?
Rocksteady: Well, if the Bossman is doing Kira, you must be Josuke due to the hairdo, and I'll  be Okuyasu... whose Stand is THE HAND!! And in MGS2 Liquid Snake was a Talking Hand!! Cam Clarke Reference, bitches!!
Nefty (VO): Holy Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island! Rocksteady, that was a beautiful Cam Clarke Reference!

I understand that he is a big guy and is one hundred percent new tooling. But I feel he got the short end of the stick. He can't properly hold his gun... his main accessory. But at least the sewer shield works, unlike Bebop's trash can. Even the grenades are useless, since he can't hold them. 

Rocksteady gets a 4.17 as his final score. The lower score is mostly based on the issues with the lack of paint applications on the accessories, lack of accessories, and Sculpting issues that Made the available accessories mostly useless.   

With the corners being cut on this wave, I'm worried about future waves. I hope they can turn out an Android body for Krang before they have to raise the prices once more... 

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