Aug 9, 2021

Suicide Squad: Gunn does what Snyder won't

 And that is a Good Comic Book Movie that is dark, gritty, and edgy, but colorful, and with humor to balance everything.
Funny thing is that the movie is being review bombed by the butthurt Snyderites and Fans of the cinematic abomination of the original Suicide Squad. (Sure we can blame WB in part for this, but Ayer wasn't the right director for it.)

The movie is a bit too long at 2 hours 13 minutes. I feel like at least 20 minutes could've been trimmed and keep the flow. But unlike other DC Movies (Man of Steel, BvS, Zack Snyder's Justice League, Birds of Prey, the OTHER Suicide Squad movie... the one with alleged pedophile Jared Leto and Fresh Cuck of Bel Air) I didn't check my watch more than twice. So, the flow was pretty decent.
I use the checking my watch scale:
Based on the length of the movie I determine the amount of time checks I can do:
If a movie is under two hours I round to the nearest hour, ie: 1 hour 25 minutes is closer to 1 hour than 2 hours. If a movie is 1 hour 33 minutes then it's closer to 2 hours. 

So, a two hour movie where I only do 2 time checks has decent pacing. Catch my drift?
But that's not the only positive about the movie:
The characters are likable AND you actually care about these villains and EVEN Starro despite being a Freaky Alien Genotype, is not a blank "evil space threat"... it has a bit of character.

Speaking of characters, this is NOT a Harley Quinn movie. This time she has to share the  spotlight with the rest of the team. (Idris Elba, John Cena, Joel Kinnaman, Daniela Melchior, David Dastalmachian, and a CGI shark voiced by Sylvester Stallone) The only "issue" with the story is that it commits the same sin from the first movie: The Squad is plot line A, while Harley Quinn has plot line B all to herself.
I'm trying to spoil the least possible because it was good. 

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