Aug 11, 2021

Holy Retcon Bomb, Batman! Tim Drake is now Bi or Gay?

 In their quest to become inclusive in the most laziest way, DC has made Tim Drake, the third Robin, who has been involved with various women, most notably Spoiler, the former 4th Robin, now retconned, be into men... Holy run-on sentece! 

This sucks... not because of representation, but because this is a Jean Grey made Iceman Gay type of retconning.  This is the part where some people will claim about the closet and living the lie... which in real life is true, but this is fiction and we have YEARS of character development AND insight into their thoughts and if he was truly gay/bi, then homosexual thoughts should've been there all along, which they aren't.

Why not Damian? He has less time as a character AND it would make sense that the Indoctrination from the League of Assassins would have him suppress those kind of thoughts. Now that he's in Gotham with a (dysfunctional) family and not a cult, the programming is wearing off and Damian is learning his new freedoms and as a growing boy, he has room to grow, learn, and accept those feelings that were deemed wrong by his Grandfather's cult.

Or even better, having Bruce adopt another orphan that Happens to be Gay or Bi, instead of retconning existing characters. 

Hell, DC making Batman having an aversion to eating pussy would've been a nice indicator of Batman's latent homosexuality. And the best part is that  Seduction of the Innocent and images taken out of context have already planted the seeds of Bruce being a Narnian Emperor.

I know that on one paragraph I talk about not retconning characters and then I go to make Batman gay... kinda sounds contradicting. It is but let me get back on track:

Tim hasn't really shown any signs of being attracted to men until this story that made hin Bi/Gay. On the other hand, Bruce has plenty of things that one could use to Justify him being a closeted homosexual. So, the retcon of Bruce being Gay would make sense. Retconning Damian makes a bit more sense even if we have close to a decade of Material, since his background as a bio engineered member of the League of Assassins could lend itself to have submitted Damian to Conversion Therapy as part of his training. Personally I prefer new characters that are interesting, contribute to the story and Happen to be LGBTQ+. The problem is that writers focus on making a character LGBTQ+ and FORGET EVERYTHING ELSE. Their entire personality is reduced to their letter and become a one note Stereotype... case in point: Iceman. Once he was "turned gay by Jean Grey" Iceman became the Gayest stereotype that ever gayed. And that worries me as Tim is the blandest Robin... when compared to Murderboner Damian, Edgelord Jason, and Saccharine Dick, Tim is just Diet Batman, without the brooding. Now Tim will be "Gay Robin". 

But even with the stupid retcon, I still need a Tim Drake Figure, Todd!!

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