Aug 2, 2021

Scarlett Ingrid Johansson v. Michael Theodore Mouse:

 Doesn't matter who wins,  we all lose.
So, ScarJo is suing Disney because they allegedly broke contract by releasing Black Widow on Disney +. She claims that the Simultaneous release on Disney + cut into her profits...

Yeah, before going on, let's stop it right here and guess the Mouse's defense:

"They weren't counting on the shutdowns due to COVID and postponed the release multiple times until more Movie Theaters could open. Despite "limited Theater Release" due to the pandemic, they DID fulfill their contractual obligations and the D+ release is a way for the fans to get access to the movie when going to theaters is not available. With ScarJo complaining about profits, it just shows how she doesn't care about the well-being of others as long as she gets a fat paycheck."

That would be my guess on the Mouse's defense.
Would you look at that, I nearly nailed it! I'm  not a lawyer, but I have played enough Ace Attorney games to know that Disney won't lose. While the court of public opinion is on ScarJo's side at the moment, if Disney keeps playing the "we're in the middle of a pandemic, how dare you be so greedy!?" Card, they could sway people in their favor. Technically speaking, they had a theatrical release... one that had a massive drop "not due to Disney+" but to word of mouth saying it was OK, at best... except how they fucked up Taskmaster. Some folks would point out some of ScarJo's expressions appearing to echo Brie Larson's Captain Marvel promotion. Which clashes with the predominantly male audience that is tired of being villainized. Some people believe that the movie made all the male characters a 1 note caricature in order to elevate female characters.
-Red Guardian: Boisterous Dumb Oaf, who is also a Liar.
-Dreykov: Russian Superspy version of Harvey Weinstein
-Supplier guy: incompetent character
-General Ross: incompetent character

I've read a few reviews after watching it myself and I can see the issues people are having with it. I've had friends whose response to it was "meh". At the end of the day it wasn't mindblowing. Not to mention that the stakes were incredibly low and had no real impact in the universe. Also, the movie was less about ScarJo than it was about pushing Florence Pugh.
She was a support character in her own movie after assembling a ruble store Avengers team. Basically, the movie proved the "haters" right, because "Black Widow couldn't hold her movie on her own"... or something like that.

To me, the main issue is that it didn't warrant multiple viewings. That causes a huge drop on viewership. I found it more enjoyable than Iron Man 3 or Captain Marvel, but I don't think I'll watch it again. This sentiment is what caused the massive drop of viewers in my opinion.

To put it into perspective: Godzilla vs Kong had the same Simultaneous release issue, yet it made a lot of money mostly due to good word of mouth. So, Disney can argue that they did their part and that the bad guy is ScarJo.  But despite Disney being in the wrong, all they have to do is keep claiming that the lawsuit is frivolous and that ScarJo is being greedy.

Right now her only hope is a judge that can see through Disney's  BS and force the mouse to compensate...

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