Dec 2, 2021

Advent Calendar 02: In case of Eredin Break Glass...

 And toss a coin to your Witcher... or something. Yes, Todd McFarlane's take on Eredin Breacc Glas is the toy I'm reviewing.

Mr. Break Glass is the main antagonist of The Witcher III: The Wild Hunt. He's the Leader of said Wild Hunt and wants to take Ciri and use her blood to take over everything... or kill her if he can't have her... 

So, he's the Final Boss of the game and let's review him!

Eredin "has 22 movable parts" or so the box says. Too bad most of the articulation is useless.
He can barely stand on his own. His cape, and armor hinder the range of most of his articulation. You can do some semi dynamic vanilla poses that make him a bit intimidating. Also, he isn't as articulated as Geralt despite both figures having "22 moveable parts".
Using a stand and proping him up against the back wall to create a "dynamic" pose. He fell like 13 times before this pic was taken.

Paint and sculpt 
Here is where the figure excels. Luckily he's wearing a full face helmet which hides his Elvish features, that way McFarlane's team cannot screw this up. They have a knack for being unreliable on human looking faces. 
 On the paint side of things Saints are properly applied on have enough details to enhance the sculpt, but the metallic colors are a bit too dull.
He's a really interesting figure with useless articulation... even the back looks badass!

Here's where McFarlane fails most of the time. He only has his sword, not even Frost effects. This is a bit disappointing.

Geralt: I won't let you take Ciri!
Eredin: Ah, I'm not here for Zirael... The Hellspawn's father has not released her... Would you like to play some Gwent?
Geralt: Hmmmmm! Fuck!

Mr. BREACC GLAS gets a 4.57 as his final score. Had this figure been slightly more poseable, he would've been close to perfect, but here we are... hopefully we can get VG versions of Dandelion, Yennefer, and Trish so I can call it quits. I know Ciri is coming.

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