Dec 28, 2021

UnMetal is the best Non-Hideo Kojima game that has ever Hideo Kojima Gamed.

 Unmetal, the Indie Metal Gear Parody is on sale for the Switch at a lower price due to a sale. It ends on New Year's Eve or something.

I've only played up until defeating the first boss and I'm enjoying every second of it. The game was made by a Spaniard, so the humor is tailored to Spaniard sensibilities. Some of the humor is lost in translation, which mirrors Kojima's Japanese writing losing stuff in translation as well. This parody/love letter type of game would be a nice thing to see. For example a Platformer parodying Mega Man. The premise could be instead of robots, a rainbow special squad gone rogue and the reserve member having to fight his former comrades and stop the villain. Taking the tropes from the sentai tokusatsu and mega man games.

Or taking an infamous game like Castlevania 2 and making "a good version" while having some fun with classical horror tropes and Castlevania tropes... wall meat, Die Monster... What a terrible night to have a curse... the usual. 
I know this concept isn't new, since Konami has parodied their own Gradius series with the Parodious series.

Beat em ups, one on one fighters, platformers, JRPGs, horror, there are tons of genres that can be parodied. The fact that parody games CAN be made AND at the same time BE GOOD is one way to prove that Videogames CAN BE ART.

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