Dec 30, 2021

Naughty or Nice Collection preorder period will close up in a couple hours

 Roughly in 20 hours, the campaign will be over. Apparently everything reached the minimum aside the completely White artist proof Santa... I have to wonder what Wave 2 will bring, since we have Army Santa, Pirate Santa and Cyborg Santa...

How about a "Young Santa" not necessarily inspired by the Rankin Bass movie? Or a reversed Colors Santa, white outfit with red accents with gold belt/boots and black buckles.

Or a full Krampus not disguised as Santa?

I've been wondering if the Easter Bunny or Cupid would be tackled as we reach other holidays. I mentioned a while back wanting a Samurai Santa...

Will Mrs. Claus be a thing? Or how about a Reideer Wrestling Santa? Think Mike Haggar from Final Fight with Santa-styled clothes.

But I guess I should wait until I get my Vanilla Santa in 2022.

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