Dec 9, 2021

Advent Calendar 09: The Fire Nation needs more HONOR!!


I am talking about Prince Zuko of the Fire Nation. He was an antagonist, but as he grows as a character becomes an ally of the Avatar... Mostly because of his honor. This has brought forth a bunch of memes about Zuko's honor...

Even the Voice Actor of Zuko has lent himself to poke fun at the Honor memes.

Yes, that is the voice of the American Dragon Jake Long and he was also Rufio in Hook. 

Splinter: Ah, Prince Zuko! Shall we have some tea?
Zuko: Rat, why do you sound like Uncle Iroh?
Splinter: We shall discuss this after Tea... Could you heat up the Kettle for the tea?

From the waist down, Zuko has a decent range of articulation. From the waist up, his articulation is useless. Single pin "hasbro elbows" with poor range due to his baggy sleeves, useless torso articulation, and his head is VEEEEEEEERY Stiff.
Zuko: Using firebending to warm up tea feels dishonorable, Uncle Splinter...
Splinter: Ah, yes, Honor, Prince Zuko...  it is not something that can be taken or given to you... Honor is something that you have and only you can preserve it or throw it away by your actions.
Zuko: You mean that by my actions I can regain my honor?
Splinter: Yes. But only if said actions are honorable.

Paint and sculpt
It looks like a Book 4 Zuko, so no complaints there. I think that he and Azula (Review coming soon) are the best sculpts of the line. My only complaint is that Zuko's scar is just paint and there is no sculpted scarring.
Nefty: Wait a second! Splinter, a Pablo from Backyardigans, and HOLY ASSCRACKERS!! IT'S RUFIO!! RUFIO! RUFIO! RUU-FIII-OOOOOOOH!!! BANGARANG!!!
Aang: Did he just call me a Backyardigan?
Zuko: My honor prohibits me from killing this idiot... 
Splinter: Right you are, Jake Long!
Zuko: Not you too...

This is the inferior Walgreens variation, so he only has a stand and an alternate Firebending hand. The "better" variation has a big flame effect that needs a modular clear stand.
So in this case there is no real better version.

This Zuko has not recovered his Honor...  especially with the dishonorable score of 3.33 his quest for honor will not end. I blamed a lack of accessories and the bad articulation for his lower score. But it's not all doom and gloom since Iroh is getting a figure. Sadly he has no Tea... I guess. Since you've seen the review, you know that I have the 2009S as an Iroh substitute, because both were voiced by Mako... Super7 gove me a Wizard Akiro... I'm starting to notice the issues with these figures being the bad articulation waist up. It's more noticeable with Zuko than it is with Aang.

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