Dec 6, 2021

Is Conan still a thing for Super7?

 I'm waiting for my serpent priest Thulsa Doom to arrive someday... I specifically ordered him so my Arnie Conan could have some company... but Super7's been too quiet about Conan stuff... we have Dosney, GI Joe, Power Rangers, Silverhawks, Spoogebob SquarePants, now Animaniacs is being added to the mix... but Conan stuff? Nothing. Not even comicbook or book stuff if the movies have too many issues... (where is the wizard Akiro)

But seriously, what happened to Conan? I can't be the only one who wanted this to extend to the point where Red Sonja (preferably the comics version) could be made...

While yes there are plenty of Red Sonja toys out there, many are sold out and NOT in Ultimates scale. My Comic Conan could use a Companion...

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