Dec 5, 2021

Advent Calendar 05: Let's play a game...


Before there was a Jigsaw... the one from Saw, not the one from Marvel, Marvel had their own sadistic serial killer who played a game with his victims and gave them a chance to escape hos impossible games... I'm talking about Arcade...

He's part of the Xemnu wave and the only figure I've seen from said wave. Honestly he should've been part of a Haslab Murderworld release... because without Murderworld, he's a guy in a suit... with an uncool bowtie.

While he has Tangled with many characters in the Marvel Universe he's mostly known as a minor nuisance to the X-Men.

He's on the suit body, so we know what to expect on the articulation department. I won't bore you with repeating that Charles Xavier, Coulson, JJJ, Chameleon, Captain Marvel's Younger Fury, and others have the same issues with their bodies as Arcade.

Paint and sculpt:
The only real differences between Atcade and most of the other suit body figures are basically The torso overlay, heads and feet. These pieces are what make him stand out next to other suit-wearing figures. The paint is flawless on mine.
Arcade: I've been waiting for you,Spider-Man and Black Cat! You're lucky to have beaten my puzzles, now face my murderbots!
Spidey: You know, we're going to get in trouble with the Distinguished Competition since your scheme is very similar to that guy who wanta to give me free government money...
Cat: I miss my boobs...
Spidey: You and 8.419 million New Yorkers.

BAF part, cane, extra head. It's a bit unfair having to judge Arcade when he has NOTHING that would make him, well, Arcade... by that I mean A Murderworld. Ignoring the lack of Murderworld, I guess he gets a 
Arcade: Spider-Man and the X-Force!? Why does this sound like a sequel to a 90s videogame?
Spider-Man: Velociraptors? Why does this sound like a 90s movie based on a Michael Crichton novel?
Laura: I'm going to input a 90s videogame cheatcode with my claws up your ass!! up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, correct?
Logan: Don't look at me... Jubilee is the expert in 90s videogames...
Laura: The AVGN is one too...
Logan: WHO!?
Arcade: The Angry Video Game Nerd, you freaking Boomer!
Logan: BOOMER!? I WISH! I'm a Lost Generation or an Interbellum kid...
Spidey: Thank goodness for Sliding Timeline because now I'm a Generation X... not affiliated with the Mutant team formerly led by Banshee and Emma Frost...
Laura: Technically You're a late Millennial or Early Zoomer...

Arcade's High Score is: 4.33 and it's not bad for a "boring figure in a suit". I will keep insisting that he should have been part of his own playset.

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