Dec 11, 2021

Advent Calendar 11: It's Azula...


If the phrase never stick your dick in crazy exists on the ATLAB universe, I'm pretty sure that would make Azula the most virginal virgin that has ever virgined. I'm not saying that she's crazy, but she cray cray...

Now to be fair, it's not like she was Naturally evil. It was Ozai who made her a monster. In her desire to be the best and earn Ozai's approval, she didn't see the monster she was becoming. When her friends abandoned her was the moment she cracked. Everyone ended up "betraying her" and abandoning her. Not being able to cope while trying to act as Ozai's right hand put way too much pressure into an unstable vessel. 

So, Azula, Princess of the Fire Nation and a much better villain than Ozai himself. Here's her figure...

Nefty: You should forget about those dumb bitches. Especially the one that has a crush on your pathetic brother... "Oh no, my honor!" Zuko... You kick so much ass! I mean did you see, of course you saw how you messed up the little bald turd...
Azula: Go on...
Nefty: Your voice reminds me of someone... Vicky!?
Azula: Vicky is short for Victoria... I like her already!
Nefty: Uh... she's actually Icky with a V...
Azula: EXCUSE ME!?

She has the same articulation past figures from this line. And the very same issues as the previous figures. Below the waist everything is great but above the waist everything is crap. Her head ball joint and her torso ball joint are really stiff and limit movement.
Nefty: That's  more like a flame, but it doesn't hurt... want to know why? Because you can't hurt me Azula... I'm the master of this domain and I can bend something more than the Elements... I can bend REALITY ITSELF!! Now KNEEL BEFORE YOUR MASTER!! But with plenty of distance so they don't think anything perverted...
Azula: DIE!!
Nefty: You can't hurt me... I'll do you a solod and let you choose the shape of your destroyer...

Paint and sculpt
Here they did an excellent job in capturing the deranged look from later episodes, but at the same time she still looks determined. She's onw of the best face sculpts of the line. Sadly the engineering of the articulation had a slightly negative effect on her torso. From some angles it kind of looks robotic.

Nefty: Really? Your own brother? That's a bit kinky of you, Azula...  Then again, I thought you would've turned me into a visage of your father...
Nefty: If I take off my pants, what are the chances of me finding the word honor tattooed on my penis?
Azula: Don't make me think about my brother's dick!! 75% Alright!!
Nefty: Wait... So you DO THINK of your Brother's dick... Wait again!!! I'm Zuko now!!
My honor was dishonorably dishonored and I must honorably regain my honor through honorable ways lest I end up being dishonorable again!
Azula: *squirms in pent up sexual frustration with incestuous undertones* I. HATE. YOU. SO. MUCH!!

Badly painted and fragile firebending hand, a modular stand. I've read online that the fire bending hand being extremely heavy that it breaks. The modular stand feels like it's going to break any minute now.

She's the best of the figures she's the worst of the figures... A Tale of Two Cities reference not intended. This is a very problematic figure much like her character but my issue lies and how divisive it can be. From certain angles the figure looks super great but from others it looks like crap. It has some good articulation points but they cannot be used due to some bad articulation points.

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