Dec 31, 2021

Phicen 1:6 Street Fighter line!?

 Ryu is the figure I saw that is coming... a 12 inch Ryu with cloth clothes and on a seamless body... like a sex doll... are you thinking what I'm thinking?

No, I'm not wondering if he has a dick or not... I hope he does, because if I could buy him and a future female Street Fighter figure, I'd put them in inappropriate poses. But let's get serious for a moment and not think of Ryu getting molested.

This figure is theoretically the closest thing to a perfect Ryu Figure. He has 9 extra hands and can correctly Hadoken, Shoryuken, and Tatsumakisenpuukyaku. He even has his duffel bag. The only thing missing is extra heads with different expressions and a closed eyes KOed head. 

Personally, the price is a bit steep, but based on the 6 inch "Dolly", I can see how a 12 incher would be better.

But Barbie better watch out where she parks

I guess the next figure will be Ken for obvious reasons... since this Ryu is SFV Based, you know this means Banana Hair Ken will return.

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