Dec 9, 2021

Suck it Daniela Pineda! YOU got Cowboy Bebop canceled in one season...

 To be fair, she wasn't the sole reason, but she was a HUGE factor on it getting canned in one season. Attacking the fanbase was a dumb move... the other reason was taking a massive shit on the source Material, which this show did so well that it almost made Dragon Ball Evolution look faithful. But yes, in less than a month from its release Netflix said no season 2 for Buckaroo Rocksteady... How must everyone who worked on this thing must be feeling knowing that Daniela Pineda basically got them all fired?

But at least we still have a good Cowboy Bebop anime to watch... Man, Daniela Pineda really ruined Eden Perkins' big break in Hollywood... The kid won't have a chance to redeem themselves after that single Ed scene thanks to Daniela Pineda.

My reaction to Netflix's Cowboy Bebop being canceled after one season in less than a month from its release:

Will Hollywood learn their lesson? Absolutely  not... watch as they'll spin this into a "mysogynerds won" thing.

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