Dec 20, 2021

The "I don't like Hwil Hweaton" joke

 In the Maestro and She-Hulk advent calendar review, I went on a bit of a tirade about my dislike for Hwil Hweaton... I don't like how he's become a sanctimonious prick that is peddling Nita's BS. The saddest part is that I KINDA Agree with him on the idea that men and women should be treated equally. It's in the method on how to get there that I disagree. For example, he thinks Rey Palpatine is a great character, because she's a strong powerful independent woman that is not sexualized. Me? I disagree on her being great, becauase she's a flawless Mary Sue with a non-existant personality that can even outdo The Chosen One of Prophecy. On the other hand Jyn Erso was flawed, screwed up, but she showed growth. So, Jyn Erso was a great protagonist that happened to be female.

 I don't believe in his dogmatic approach where he blocks people for disagreeing with him,  following "the wrong people", or for being Trans... by using automatically generated blocklists from other people, Hweaton became a TERF on Twitter for a while. Also, he became "accidentally racist" when he called Dave Chapelle a "piece of shit"... I mean, a white person calling a person of color a piece of excrement of a similar color of the PoC can be easily seen as a racist attack. Not to mention how he talks about words being hurtful and punching down being bad as a priviledged white man insulting and punching down on a black man.

I understand not liking what Chapelle said on his special and even criticizing it. But doing it by calling Chapelle names and criticizing his "offensive material" by being offensive... yeah... it's a bit hypocritical of Hweaton.

Going from the guy who likes tabletop games to Wesley Crusher 2.0 now 30% more insufferable can be shocking to fans. He seriously needs to reconsider his approach, otherwise he's gonna get the catchphrase...

Hweaton's toxic behaviour of being a massive dick while claiming the phrase "don't be a dick" as his mantra is hypocritical especially coming from the "self-proclaimed king of nerds"... we don't need a nerd badmouthing everyone he disagrees with...

Before anyone mentions "my hypocrisy", need I remind you that I'm a misanthropic curmudgeon with an impish nature who makes mountains out of molehills for the sake of faux outrage.

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